Beyond Square Footage: Your First-Time Homebuyer Field Guide!

Tanner Sommese February 29, 2024

Beyond Square Footage: Your First-Time Homebuyer Field Guide!


Okay, you've scoured the internet...and figured out this whole "rural living vs. suburbs" thing. You're pre-approved, but before visions of shiplap and subway tile take over, let's discuss the factors that'll make your first home the right fit, especially in 


Location: It's Not Just an Address


The Daily Commute: 15 minutes further for cheaper housing? Calculate those hours lost (and gas burned!) – NJ Transit might be your savior if proximity to a train line is possible.


Noise Pollution: Major highways and flight paths are a fact of life. Spend time near the house at different hours to be realistic about what you can live with.


"Future You" Check: Is this a neighborhood you’re living in temporarily or is this you forever home? Are you happy with the way the neighborhood is developing?


The Property – Understanding Private Utilities


Age Ain't Just a Number: Older homes have charm, BUT... factor in upgrades. Is it on well/septic? Do you use oil/propane? - these costs impact your true budget.


Well & Septic 101: Inspections are a MUST. Get educated on maintenance to avoid expensive surprises. 



The Sniff Test: A musty smell means potential water damage or mold


Don't be Blinded by the Shiny: Fancy staging can distract you from serious issues, potentially. Pay attention to the basics – solid structure, roof in good shape, decent windows.



The Neighborhood – Vibe Check is Essential


Walk the Talk: Explore on foot. Are sidewalks available? Are the parks well-kept? Getting outdoors for hikes is big up here - a nearby trailhead is a bonus!

Night Shift: Things look different after dark. Is the street lighting adequate? Do houses suddenly party louder than you'd like?



The Future Forecast: A quick chat at the town planning office reveals upcoming developments that could significantly change the area.


Northern NJ Lifestyle Factors


Yard Space vs. Convenience: Love to garden or need room for furry friends? A little further out may be worth it. Just factor that into your commute equation.



Foodie Alert: Many of our local towns have awesome dining scenes. Proximity to your favorite cuisine may trump a bigger pantry/kitchen for takeout lovers.


Four Seasons Fun: Is winter storage a reality for your hobbies (boats, bikes)? Does the property make snow removal manageable?


The 'Feels Right' Factor (backed by knowledge!)


Don't Roommate with Regret: Compromise is natural, but don't rationalize away major drawbacks to fit a budget.


Picture Your Life Here: Weekend farmer's market runs, grilling, hosting friends... does this match the home's layout and location?

Gut Feeling (Plus a Great Agent): A good agent is your ally, especially in understanding those private utility complexities. Having an agent who is local and experienced is VITAL for a successful home search and transaction negotiations. Interview as many agents as possible to find the one who you connect with the best. Dont settle for a lackluster agent because it’s convenient.


Homebuying Isn't a Sprint, It's an Expedition


Your first home is a HUGE milestone. This guide empowers you to make a house purchase you'll celebrate for years to come, with all those unique factors in mind!


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